Rye Rentals & Rye Apartments for Rent

Our Garden Apartment complexes in Rye offer you the perfect location, a friendly neighborhood and 7 acres of park-like grounds in the vicinity of Rye Nature Center. Often considered the finest rentals in Rye NY, the apartment complexes leave ample room for spacious and relaxing parks, tenant parking spaces and playground areas for families with children.

One of the oldest permanent settlements in Westchester County, Rye began with a just small group of settlers that came from Greenwich. The home of Founding Father John Jay, it quickly grew into a fully fledged and thriving community. As part of Save America's Treasures, the Jay Estate has been converted into the non-profit organization called Jay Heritage Center, having the mission of restoring and preserving the original 23 acre plot, its' buildings and landscape.

The Timothy Knapp House has the honor of being the oldest building in Rye, the original version of it dating all the way back to 1667. In 1982 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places, serving as a museum and point of interest for visitors and residents alike.

In early 2010, Rye was ranked as one of the top places to live in New York, having peaceful neighborhoods, great points of interest such as the Square House museum and Rye Playland amusement park, but also great open spaces for recreation. A truly sought after destination for quality living conditions in New York, JH Management offers a wide variety of apartments for rent in Rye NY at affordable prices and great value.